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Anonymous said:
"i don´t have a gender" "don´t refer to me as she" well we ARE born with only TWO fucking genders and it is hard for people to use "they" especially because that only works in english. you´re really too special for all of us, why not move to a world without female and male because if people refer to you as "he" it´s also fucking wrong. seems like existing is wrong, we should all get the different chromosomes injected to are allowed to live in this world right?



"well we ARE born with only TWO fucking genders"
this is medically incorrect.  and uh, trust me, i work in prenatal genetic research.  aside from trans* folks, biologically speaking, you know, intersex folks exist (that is, their physiology does not allow one to distinguish if they are male or female) and are born that way.  it’s not always black and white.
that aside, it seems this may have been prompted regarding haku’s post of being misgendered.  so regarding haku specifically, this point is kind of moot because haku is a guy and uses masculine pronouns, not neutral pronouns.
but for the sake of people who do identify as agender, i suggest you educate yourself on the subject.  i don’t mean for this to come off as condescending, but it’s just clear that you literally don’t know what you’re talking about and you need to receive education on the issue if this subject is apparently important enough for you to go into peoples’ asks to say these kind of things.  read up on psychology.  read up on medicine.
be a little more mindful of the folks in this world and you’ll find them far easier to understand.