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Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for reading Von, honestly, I live with my dad, because I could not live with mom a few years ago, but then I realizite that maybe my mom will accept me the way I really like. As you say, Im planning in end my career and move to an apartament like you, because I´ve been like this like for almost a year, trying to change my own way of living, but I can´t. Im not comfortable like that. Some friends support me, but sometimes I wish my family support me even more. Kisses for you Von

just hang in there, you’ll pull through it. it’s hard but when you’re finally on your own it’s amazing. i really do wish you the best.

Anonymous asked: I really need an advice from you Von, Im trying my best so my friends start accepting me the way I really like, the problem is that Im so damn scared about what my family will say. They already make a scandal when I told them about my ex couple. Dad get´s really mad and I can´t forget his reaction. I live with so much fear all days wishing that they can accept me how Im more comfortable, but I see it so damn far.I don´t know what to do, and I cry almost every day remembering everything...

as scary and painful as it may be at first, you have to realize that you can only live for yourself, and it sucks if people do not accept you for who you are, even your own family — trust me, i understand this very well.  one of my parents refuses to even acknowledge that how i am is, indeed, how i really am.
but i have to live for myself and so do you.  if you need to move away, then you need to move away.  that is what i did.
most parents, even if they do not accept you for who you are or like what you’ve become will generally be ‘magically’ friendlier once you are far away.
if it is gossip or disapproval that is enough to deal with—  if you worry about your family being physically violent or mentally ripping into you every day about this kind of thing, you really do need to leave as soon as you can so you can be in a more supportive environment.  i wish you the best of luck.
just don’t ever compromise yourself for anyone.  you will never be happy this way.  i did this at one point to try to please one of my parents and i have never been more miserable in my entire life, so please be yourself.  you should always be the top priority in your own life.  everyone and everything else comes second.  and if there are toxic people in your life, even if they are family, you need to remove them from your life.  sometimes you need to part ways and though it may not be pleasant, it would ultimately be better for the both of you.

Anonymous asked: You´re eyes are actually blue?

they’re listed as blue on legal documents and definitely in the blue color family but have a tendency to look gray or green sometimes.

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Lurdes Bergada


Lurdes Bergada

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Anonymous asked: What bands do you like?

i like a whole bunch of different kinds of music from buck-tick to jamiroquai to david bowie to nine inch nails (old school NIN only)… I also like caravan palace and parov stelar and some old school shit from the 30s, 40s, 60s, and 70s… genres from jazz and funk to metal to classical. it is hard for me to pick a favorite band or singer. I really like a lot of things…
I also listen to a lot of joe hisaishi soundtracks.

there’s a place for a lot of traditional ethnic music too.

Anonymous asked: What do you think is the best way to begin exercising? I have no muscle tone and I would like to become stronger, physically. I don't have much in the way of cardiovascular fitness, either. What is a good starting point?

it’s important to be balanced and make realistic goals. you don’t need to exercise every day but you do need a minimum of 3-4 days a week. combine strength building exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups (even if you can’t do a single one, you will work your way to it if you keep trying!) and planks with cardio such as boxing or dancing (running is fine too but I personally hate it) and be sure to change your routine every month so you don’t plateau.
strength building exercises build muscle.
cardio burns fat.
be sure to keep a good diet too. minimize sugar and carbs— have carbs only in the morning and make sure they are something like oats and not breads. make breakfast your largest meal of the day and dinner your smallest. don’t starve yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you want a sweet. add the good things to your diet like vegetables and fruits and proteins and you will start craving those things more than the bad stuff automatically so you don’t have to diet really, just add the good stuff into your day and you will eventually stop wanting the bad stuff. a clean diet is key to being in shape in combination with exercise.
you may be really sore at first but keep going.
always stretch after exercising. this is extremely important too. hold for thirty seconds at least before moving to the next stretch.
warm up for 5-10 minutes but don’t expend all your energy before you do strength training.
the entire thing from warm up to work out to stretching/cool down should take about 30-45 minutes, so it’s not like you need to spend an assload of time either.
good luck!

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