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  • Takato Yamamoto  part 20
Anonymous said:
hi von i'm very confused.. for a while now i've considered myself agender, but i also wish to identify as male. i'm okay with the neutral and male pronouns, but it's all confusing and i dont know what to do. i also wish to change my first name but i dont know how to get people at my new highschool to call me by my desired name. so what should i do? just stick with the neutral and male pronouns or just go with one? thank you

that’s a tough call for me to make for you. really, you should go by what makes you most comfortable. if you aren’t sure or if you’re fine with both male and agender pronouns then there’s nothing that says you can’t go by both.
as for your name, it takes time for your friends and peers to get used to but let them know you don’t really like your given name and would prefer to be called by the name you’re more comfortable with. remind them gently if they need to be reminded but don’t get mad as they’re trying to change their habits, which takes work and getting used to. let your teachers know what you’d like to be called by. introduce yourself to new people by your preferred name. it’s also the beginning of the school year so it’s easier to ask for this at the start when people are sorta starting fresh.
good luck and have a good school year!

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Anonymous said:
What kinds of things do you like to read?

i like to stay up to date on science, especially when it comes to astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and psychology.  i also read a fuckton about history (especially if it surrounds wars, oppression, etc).
that aside… i read a lot of horror, classics, and sci-fi.


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Saul Leiter- Footprints c. 1950 (via)