You look 20, well done

hahaha thank you

Anonymous said:
How do you feel about the vk fan page of you ?

hmm well they got my birthday off by one year (I’m 1987 not 1986) I don’t think it’s that active but even so I never thought people would make a page for me much less in another country ahh


by Takato Yamamoto for Dir en Grey Single: Dozing Green

Anonymous said:
vooooonnnnn not everyone who ship uta and kaneki is sadist and not everyone who ship tsukiyama and kaneki are into vore.

never once did i say “everyone who ships this is a sadist” i mean in the context of my own preference i was saying it’s hard for me to ship now because of what happened in the manga, it’s too sadistic for me personally— plus haku and i don’t want to be sadistic to each other with that pairing.  i thought that was pretty clear but perhaps i was mistaken.
and i never once mentioned vore and tsukikane… you may be thinking of another user.
haku and i actually still like utakane to a certain extent but it hurts too much to think about for too long for us so we kind of moved onto different ships that involve them.
people take ships seriously, wow!  muses though dude, i understand.

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My Secret Garden

Meguro, Tokyo

Young Uta - Tokyo Ghoul